Three Months In - Seattle Update

Well folks, as of August 13th, I'll be three months in to my internship here in Seattle. I think when I told everyone about this opportunity, I said it was 6 months long - which means I should be half way in. 

Thing is, I am 90% sure I counted incorrectly. Time-wise, It's about 7 months long. Sorry. Details. 

Olympics shirt curtiosy of my dad

Olympics shirt curtiosy of my dad

Anyway, I'm three months deep here and I've got a lot to talk to you about! Updates all around!! 

By the end of 2016, I will have traveled to 7 states and two countries! This is the most I have traveled in my life! I feel so blessed to have these opportunities! 
This month, I get to cross off Portland, Oregon off my list, next month, I'll check off San Fransisco, California and then, October brings Vancouver, Canada and Paris, France to round out my travels this year! Wooohooo! You can learn more about my Paris trip and how you can help here

What I work on/at: 
Great question! I'm not fully sure either... Bad answer. Sorry.
Real answer: I coordinate things, such as events AR hosts: Seattle Chapel Sessions, our quarterly Open House, meetings etc, I ran a bake sale last Sunday, I just finished up producing two short films which will be shown at the Northwest Film Forum on August 30th and I sketch, paint and draw as often as I can, but not as often as I would like. I have a part time job I work at three days a week. I cook a lot and I clean quite a bit too. I get to walk around and explore a lot! 

My favorite things to go to are Art Walks. I have NO IDEA why DFW doesn't have this! I've mapped it out in my planner when each one is and I do my very best to make it out to each one every month. The Art Walks are typically from 5-9pm and that is simply not enough time. I've started out my day at 5pm and then 9pm rolls around and I haven't even seen everything and I get really upset.


It has been hard. I've lost sleep, I've worked hard on things that don't turn out the way I hope, and currently, I have an ear infection. One problem I run into often is that my ideas for what I want to create outweigh the talent I have to complete said ideas. I envision such grand ideas and then I look down at my canvas and realize... I can't actually accomplish what I have pictured in my head. It's horrible! I HATE that feeling and I don't know what to do to fix this other than work to improve my skills... which takes time, and energy and usually money I don't have. 

I am so happy here. I feel very accomplished and each day, I am so excited to be here and to work hard at what I am doing. I've never felt this excited or happy before and it is a BLAST. It is a GREAT feeling to have each day. I want everyone in the world to have this feeling! I'm living my day dream! Each day of my life is the best day ever!
I'm so, so, so, financially strapped, but I am BEYOND happy to be here, so I hardly even notice!

Below is a sneak peek at an art project I am currently working on. I'm really excited for how it will turn out, but I literally cannot afford paint for it at this time. Which is a bummer. But, I'll show it to you once I'm done!