My Favorite Things - PIONEER

You might already know this, but I don't like watching movies or tv. I have a plethora of reasons why I don't, but I'll get into that another day. 

Here is what I DO like: good stories & magical storytelling - and BOTH can be found in the short film PIONEER. 

I first saw the short film PIONEER at Arts Goggle back in 2014. It changed my life. I went back and watched the next two screenings of it. 

The masterful storytelling in this film captures the listener and pulls you into the bedroom with the little boy to the point where you find yourself feeling the same feelings and having the same reactions as the little boy. As the dad weaves his story, you find yourself falling in love with how loving this guy is toward his son while hanging on to his every word, wondering how much of this tale might actually be true....

What I find the most incredible about this film is that it stars two people in one room having a 15 minute conversation, and yet, sound design, expert acting, and storytelling take your imagination on a wild ride. People are so creatively talented! 

Please take the time to watch this video! You will love it!