My Favorite Things - That's Democracy

I grew up listening to a lot of radio dramas. Odyssey, Jonathan Park, The Chronicle's of Narnia series put out by Focus on the Family. 

Every car trip over an hour long featured at least one episode of some radio program creating a life-long obsession within me for good storytelling. 

There is just something magical about listening to expert actors using their voices to weave a story that forms all it's own pictures in your imagination. You get to pick what the characters look like in your head. You get to imagine where they are based on the descriptions given. You get to be utterly confused when too many things happen at once and everyone is screaming and yelling over the radio and it feels so intense, but you have NO IDEA what is happening.... oh, just me? Oh, okay. 

Fast forward 13 years or so and I still have an obsession with good, radio storytelling! However, it feels harder to find. 

Enter The Truth podcast. (I found it through listening to Snap Judgement)

The Truth is a radio drama series with the tagline "Movies for your ears" and HOLY COW is that true! 

These's guys are master storytellers, creating new, original and exciting stories that are between 12-20 minutes long. Some are tear-inducing dramas that touch on mental illness, some are fantasy and alternate universe themed shows, some are scare-your-pants-off, spine-chilling tales based off folklore and others are commentary-like tales with it-could-happen-to-you events. 

If you are a podcast listener, download The Truth and welcome to your new addiction. 

One podcast of theirs from 2014 called That's Democracy particularly captured my attention. 

I was listening to it on the hour long bus trip back to my house and caught myself with my jaw hanging open like I was a fish out of water. It STUNNED me and moved me in a way only radio drama could do. 

I don't want to spoil what happens, but I would suggest you download it and listen to yourself to find out. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do just that!

This particular story is so enrapturing, it was used to create this short film below. 

You can listen to the original podcast first, or watch the video first, but I highly recommend taking the time to do both!