Stuff I've Been Up To

I have run out of space on my laptops hard drive. 

Why is this important for you to know? Because I haven't been able to upload photos to my laptop, and if I haven't uploaded photos to my laptop, then I can't put them up here on the interwebs for you to see and enjoy. 

The images are trapped in my phone where only I can look at them and every so often *think* about posting them someplace for at least one other person to enjoy. 

Well, after putting it off for a good long while, I've made some space on my hard drive for both our sakes! 

I visited here. I don't know where this was, other than it's in Washington. 

These are images of art I am working on or have completed. 

These photos are from Chapel Sessions! 

Photos from The Great Divorce Project! 

And this last set of images are all photos I have taken that I just love for whatever reason.