I'm heading to Paris!

Well, that's the plan! 
October 17th-28th I have the opportunity to use my passport (finally!) and head overseas to bring a part of my art to the world...

But I need your help! 


The Story

I’m going to be jetting off to Paris! Land of the famed Eiffel Tower and home of The Louvre, Paris, France is waiting for me to arrive!
Kidding. Paris has no idea what’s coming for it…

October 17th-28th, I will be heading off to France in partnership with Calvary: the Hill, a local church here in Seattle and with Artist Reformation, where I am currently interning. We are taking 7 short films (two of which I am producer for!)  that are vignettes of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce to Paris to show them around the city at different locations and use those to start up conversations with locals. We will also be attending and serving alongside a local Paris plant of Calvary church during our ten days in the city.

You can read this blog post to get to know a bit more about the heart of the pastor and church we are headed out to serve with!

Borrowed from The Google Images 

Borrowed from The Google Images 

The total cost for the trip is $1,800 for my ticket and lodging. None of which I can fund on my own due to my current life situation. If you are willing to support me financially, I would greatly appreciate that!

You can pop over to to make a donation toward my trip.
If you are unable to support financially, I could always use prayer support and/or verbal encouragement! I appreciate that more than you may ever know. Encouragement keeps me motivated, and prayer keeps me going in my day-to-day life!

As always, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your love and support through this amazing time in my life! There is not enough room in my heart for the thankfulness and gratitude I feel!

With love, sincerity and all the excitement ever,