Portland and the Oregon Coast

I got to ride the train along the coast down to Portland, which was beautiful and such a throw-back way of traveling! 

Upon arriving in Portland, we popped over to the Portland Art Museum 


1) I would like to take a moment and complain about the Black Box piece. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL. To me, it's a waste and is pretty pointless. Ruben said "maybe there is a significant reason behind it." 
Okay, yes. Maybe. BUT, I don't know why it was made and that drives me insane! 

2) I got to see Matisse, Degas, Van Gogh, Goya, and Monet pieces. HAPPY EYES! 

I found the typical Portlandian! 

On our way back home to Seattle, we stopped at Cannon Beach 

For the record: The jagged rock face that you see the tiny guy on, I climbed that very same vertical climb that he did, only I did it barefoot and in a dress. 

Once was a jelly fish ^^^