A Few Good Questions

Someone posed these questions to me to answer for a group that meets every month in Texas. Currently, I am in Seattle and am unable to attend in person, but I still answered the questions as they were too good to ignore! I'd love to hear your response to these questions. Feel free to share with me! 

How do we tell Gods story in what we are doing?  

Live your life saturated in Christ, and art will flow from that.  Do/make the best you can with the gifts he has given you, let the art flow from who you are in Christ - a transformed Christian life - and leave the results to God.  


Come up with one sentence to explain your motivation for when you create 

An artist is not who I am: I am a child of God - my identity is in Christ, and art is what I do. I believe that Christ gave me the gift of creativity, and my job is to steward that gift well; to create beautiful things that reflect the beauty and glory of the original creator, using my art to give the creator of creativity the glory he deserves.