Seattle Art Fair

The Seattle Art Fair rolled into town early August. True to fashion, I took photos of everything I loved! 

The image above just spoke to me on a whole new level of art. It's.... it's me. It's sooooooo me. 

This install was quite fun to experience! Each cymbal was hooked up to a motion sensor. As you walked through the room, different cymbals would tremble at different rates depending on how fast or slow you moved by! 

Can we talk about how one figures out that you are good a micro sculptures? I'm talking, tiny, tiny TINY sculptures on the head of a pencil.... 



Found my hanger at the art fair. 


One thing I really enjoy about art is that as the viewer, we don't always get to know the meaning behind a specific piece. Sometimes, that leaves room for me to create my own intricate meaning that is full of depth, and other times, that leaves me SO ANNOYED because I just want to know exactly what was going on in the artist's head!  

In total, I think I was at the art fair between 4-6 hours and I thought I was going to collapse toward the end - SO MUCH ART TO SEE  

But good news, I made sure I saw literally every piece that was on display. HAH!