Really Just a Bunch of Photos Cause I Don't Have Much to Say Right Now

I don't have words to type out for you right now. But I do have adventures and I do have photos. So enjoy these! 

This first set is from my friend (cousin?) Dana's art galley opening! Her Cyanotypes are amazing - and this set was all blue, my favorite **color! You can view her website here.

** Black is actually my favorite "color," but some argue that it is not a color, merely a shade. Calling myself an artist, I waffle back and forth on who is right on this subject... 

This depicts a place I went that was cool. Storm clouds are cool. 

Next, I have a random set of my residence stairs (feat a piece by me - mine is the wolf drawing, the sloth is SO CUTE, but not my work), and photos from when we painted the kitchen at my residence followed by the BEST STAMPS EVER!!!!!

These images are from Open Spaces. A concert series put on by Fremont Abbey Arts Center
The event features three artists, typically from a larger band, and they solo perform some pieces while poets chime in between song sets and a live painter creates something super cool. 

Best part of the weekend? Beach finds! We went to the beach to get sand for a specific paint project I am commissioned for and ended up throwing everything, finding washed up treasures and taking in the overall beauty and scenic view that Seattle has to offer. This was also the first time I heard thunder since leaving Texas. Who knew you could miss the sound of thunder! 

Note: My weird obsession with dead crabs returns in these photos. 

Father's Day:
My intention was to attend church. 
What happened instead was that I talked with my family on the phone for a while, got the chance to wish my dad Happy Father's Day while I explored a rocky beach area, played on a dock, rode a ferry and found a starfish! I also met a guy from Dallas down at the Market and we talked for the better part of an hour. Sadly, I didn't take a photo of him for you to see him. We bonded over our complaint of the "freezing" June weather. (Texans. SHM)

My pedometer read 9.27 miles walked that day. I am KILLING IT in the walking game.

Before the remaining photos, I want to give an example of why rarely have photos of my self in Seattle. 

SUPER glamours, right? I'm quite bad at mastering this "selfie" stuff. I also refuse to get better, so it is a NO WIN situation..... ah well. 

By the way, there are two images of jelly fish in the sea in the middle of this photo set. The ferry I took pretty much mowed them all down right after I took photos.... that was brutal. 

This last photo fits in with my self proclaimed title of "Queen of the Look Up Club."
Just so you know, there are MILLIONS of things you might miss if you don't look up!