My Weekend in Photos - Two Cities, Two Art Festivals

I'm exhausted.
I am, like 110% tired. 

I have been filling 18 hours of my 24 hour days with people, events and projects and I am really okay with this. I find all of these encounters encouraging and great learning experiences.
The one thing I am lamenting is that I have made so many new friends and connections so soon before leaving! It is easy to get melancholy if I think too long on this. Therefore, I am trying to keep moving forward and not dwell too long on this. 

Moving on: Two Cities. Two Art Festivals. 
Dallas and Fort Worth - my dream home and my home city. 

I'm too tired to write anymore, so I'll let these photos speak

Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival


There was a prom someplace in Fort Worth the night we attended the festival. I rather creepily followed this couple to take photos for a few blocks. 

Bryan being very majestic 

Didn't exactly stalk this couple, but they are cute too! 

LONG story behind this image which deserves its very own post. Stay tuned. 


Grady Spencer and The Work + Zane 

Til We Have Faces

I've titled this photo Til We Have Faces 

After dark, as Grady Spencer and the boys played their set, I felt absolutely overwhelmed by just how happy I was in that moment.
I'll be honest, county music is not my favorite and Fort Worth is my second love.... BUT I was SURROUNDED by so many people I LOVE so very much and was surrounded by art which flooded my heart with so many emotions - I think I squealed a lot (I had lost my voice to exhaustion at this point). 
By the time this emotion flood was happening, I had already been awake for 18 hours. I was EXHAUSTED, but the feeling of it all was so powerful that I could easily push past delirium and enjoy fully the moment I was in. I was struck by how much I will miss things like this while in Seattle, and that was hard to take in. 

Dallas Art Festival

Jenny matched the paintings so beautifully!! 

This piece really moved me. Maybe it's because I have an affinity for shiny things or stuff that lights up. 
Actually, it resonated with me because it is full of lies I so often believe. Things I try to hide to appear fine, when really, "Fine" is the biggest lie I tell people. 

I'm not always fine.

Sometimes I am sad.
Or crazy

Fine is never true. I'm so much more than just "fine."