Strange Encounters with Strangers

Apparently, I have one of those personalities or faces that everyone just feels overly comfortable approaching me to chat. You know what? I am honestly okay with this. I'll talk to anyone who wants to talk, and I am generally a pretty open person. It's kinda fun and I truly NEVER know when it will happen. 
At both galleries, I have meet with random people who I have kept in contact with. I've had many a person approach me to ask to touch my hair and, drunk people LOVE me. (WHY ME LORD!?) 

On the fine Saturday of April 16th, I was walking a few paces behind my group at the Fort Worth Arts Festival when, suddenly, Story informed me he found the bathroom he needed and headed that direction. What could I do but wait for him? So there I stood, on the corner of 6th and main street in down town when someone yells out at me. 

It's a guy yelling at me, sloshing about that street with a beer in hand.


He asks me about the camera I am holding, and had he not asked such a good question, I probably would not have answered it. 

"What do you enjoy taking photos of the most?" 

"I photograph what I love, which today, is my friends and art!" 

"Does anyone take photos of you?"

"Well, no. I hold the camera, I take the photos." 

"I can take a better photo drunk than you can sober." 

I am nothing if not competitive, and really, my anger over took my wisdom in the moment. 


I stated as I stupidly passed him my BORROWED camera - and instantly regretted it. 
This drunk guy would probably drop it! Or could run off with it, or, or, or.... who knows! 
He said something along the same lines as to what I was thinking in that moment. THANKS FOR CHIDING ME DRUNK GUY. REALLY APPRECIATE IT. 

In the exact moment where I am handing off the most expensive thing I *don't* own (it's borrowed! yikes!), my group finally finds me and my dear friend Faith yells out, "Scout, are you okay?" 


"Is that your girlfriend?" Drunk guy speaks again. 


At this point, getting my camera back is the MOST important thing I can think of, so making Faith my girlfriend for that moment becomes the easiest thing in the world. 

I ask her to come get in this photo with me, to alleviate just how awkward I am feeling at the moment.
I commit if nothing else. 

All I want is my camera back, safe and sound. I'll do whatever it takes. 

The image below is right after I give Faith the biggest hug and even kiss her on the cheek.
I am COMMITTED to this. 
Here's a fact about me: I am not a hugger. Or toucher. Or kisser. It is really hard for me to show affection with touch. I just don't do it. 
I feel like you can tell how we both feel about what I had just done in the photo below. 

This is where my strange encounter gets, well, stranger. 
This random guy, who is not as drunk as the first waltz up to us. He jumps in the photo and drunk guy tells me this man has just returned from Machu Picchu. 
Obviously, I am VERY impressed by this as you can tell from the photo below. 

Me, being me, I start drilling this guy. 
How was it? Was it nice? Did you enjoy it? Is this your first trip? 
He says "It wasn't all that great. You know, just the normal stuff - boring." 

Please enjoy my ARE YOU FOR REAL face below: 

Don't remember what happens here. But we take a group photo? 

And then (spoiled) guy moves in closer and I put up an arm for "safety" ahahahahah

I'll have to start keeping track of all my strange encounters with strangers. This isn't the weirdest. And with my personality, I feel like I bring a lot of these on myself.... 

It makes for a GREAT story afterward, though!