A Huge Life Change - I'M LEAVING TEXAS

I hate reading long posts. I also hate reading long posts that don't have photos. I'll try to make this brief (shout out to all the ADD/ADHD brethren out there!) and I'll throw in a good photo or two to keep things exciting.

1) I'm moving. 

2) I'm moving 2,000 miles away. 

3) I'm moving to SEATTLE Y'ALL! 

I might love it there, I might hate it there - I've heard people tell me both things. Once I get there, I'll tell you how I feel about it. 

Why are you moving? Complicated answer. 
I have long dreamed of starting an art house and art initiative here in my city (DFW) and have tried a few times to get one off the ground (Sation for starters!). The thing is, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING. I'm young. And I know young people can do super awesome things in their youthful state, even though modern culture likes to portray late teen-and-twenty-somethings as people who don't have it all together, I believe that is a life choice. We can be mature and get lots done even in our youth. Age is not an excuse. 
Anyway, Through a friend, I was introduced to a devotional put out by Artist Reformation. 
After an entire night of obsessing and reading and researching, I realized AR was a working version of everything I have ever dreamed of. 
• I sent an email
• And email turned into emails which led to a phone call of millions of questions from me just trying to get a better understanding of how they have successfully done what they are doing for so long. 
•Then that phone call lead to other phone calls

Which all accumulated in an internship offer. 

Here is what is going down: I'm going to work along side with AR, live and learn and study and see how they operate FIRST HAND. I'll see how they minister to their city and how they serve their community and the artists in there area. I'll get to meet many new people, experience new things and serve the AR team in my own way. Then, after my time is up, I'll pop back over to DFW and pick up here and put into motion all the practices I have learned. 

Well....my internship technically starts March 1st (tomorrow as I am typing this). I move to Seattle in May to live in the Artist Reformation Home with 7 (Give or take) other artists of different mediums. The other artists are part of the AR Art Residency program. 
I'll be there until sometime in December. 

As of right now, that is all I am committed to. However, life happens and Jesus works wonders, so I am definitely going into this with open hands.
I could end up being there two weeks or more than a year... or longer. I have no idea.
There is no shame or failure in leaving early should I have to. 

So what now? 
Well, before I go, I have two huge projects. One is my Gallery, The second I'll announce later (it involves me singing.).
I'm also doing my best to be super intentional about spending time with people.  If you would like to spend time with me, let me know. I created my own DFW bucket list and I'm working on it with a vengeance! You can come along with me on my adventures! 

Can I help with anything? 
Actually, yes.
• If you have friends in Seattle, send them my way. I want to know EVERYONE. 
• I'm also going to need to work part time while in Seattle. If you have connections, send them my way! 
• I'm hoping to fundraise a bunch before I leave. I'll have to pay rent and utilities while I am there. Since I am going to LEARN AND STUDY, the more I have to work at an outside job to make rent, the less time I have to learn all I can in the short amount of time I have there to bring back here to DFW. If you find it in your heart to donate toward my future living expenses, you may do so here: PayPal.Me/ScoutHarrell
I'll be selling art work as well and will be hosting my second huge project before I go as a fundraiser! I'd love to see you there! 

If you have read all the way through to this point, I thank you for bearing with me! You are a true gem! 
I'll update with more info as I think of it.
I've known since.... I don't know, January, that this was happening. It's just taken me THIS LONG to get it all penned out. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time my friends!  I hope to see you at the gallery SPEAK on March 18th and 19th!! 

With love and sincerity and all the honestly I have to offer, 
Emma Scout Harrell

(self portrait) 

(self portrait) 

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