My Weekend in Photos - Jazz Aged Dreams

One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers I follow lives in SoHo and every year, for as long as I have read her blog, has attended the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Coney Island - inspiring the biggest dose of jealousy and wanderlust within my tiny (black) heart.

I have DREAMED of planning a trip to New York around the same time that the Jazz Lawn party happens, just so I could fulfill my tiny dreams of attending this great event. 
Well, I have never been to New York. So the obvious end to this paragraph is that I have never attended this party. 

As I am sure I have made this VERY clear, I LOVE DALLAS. I will tell people I don't know that I am from Dallas.
I'm not quite, but it is a short drive and really, NO ONE knows where my medium sized town is, but EVERYONE knows the infamous Dallas. It's easier on everyone to know and identify where I live by me stating Dallas as my home town. 

With my fake hometown being, quite possibly, the BEST CITY EVER, you can imagine my excitement to hear that we have our own Art Deco Society that puts on - yearly - a Jazz Age Sunday Social! *Cue the confetti!* 


The Sunday Social took place at the Dallas Heritage Village on a beautifully warm, but windy day and while I didn't really get why DHV was the setting, it truly worked and was a great venue to walk around in for hours and take photos! They had a live band cranking out tunes that melted my heart and made me wish I could have a live band playing for me everywhere I go! Dancers flooded the dance floor dancing with a furry that only comes from swing dance passion. I was so enamored by all I got to watch, I completely forgot to ever make it to the dance floor myself! :(  

There are two sorts of people in the world when it comes to attending these events. Those who attend events for the spectacle, and those who attend TO BE the spectacle. The latter are the most blessed humans in the Book of Scout.
People came out in DROVES exampling the finest of 20s era dress. There were flappers, dapper men, tennis players, girls in true vintage, babies in prams, news boys, matching family sets, bathing costumes, fortune tellers... if it was worn in the 20s, it was there. (Men looked so fashionable in the 20s! So clean and dapper.) 

And, just like every good 20s themed event, there was a Paper Moon photo booth!!

P.S. Me and my crew planned our matching navy + white + stripes theme. 


Jazz Age Lawn Party Dreams do come true!