Everyone I Live with Hates me - 45 Lies I Believe Daily

45 Lies I Believe Daily 

  1. Everyone I live with hates me 

  2. This is fine 

  3. I am fine 

  4. That's totally within walking distance 

  5. It won't take me long 

  6. One more 

  7. I can totally do that 

  8. I'm not good enough at that 

  9. I can totally learn a song on piano in one hour 

  10. I'm going to die here

  11. I'll never see the Texas sunset again 

  12. I can afford that 

  13. I need more art supplies 

  14. If I had a high quality camera, maybe I'd be a real artist/photographer 

  15. Just this one 

  16. I can't do that 

  17. This is too hard 

  18. I am not very good anyway 

  19. I don't understand that 

  20. It's probably not that important anyway 

  21. I'll remember that without writing it down 

  22. I can skip a meal

  23. Staying up past 12am is a good idea 

  24. I don't need sleep 

  25. More coffee is a good idea 

  26. I won't be that cold 

  27. I'm wearing enough layers 

  28. It won't rain 

  29. I don't need help 

  30. I don't need to see anyone ever to survive! 

  31. My roommates don't love me 

  32. Nobody remembers me back home 

  33. I think that paint is dry

  34. I know all the words to that song! 

  35. I should probably go in that store even though I don't have money 

  36. I need to go to the grocery store 

  37. No one likes me 

  38. I'm a bad friend 

  39. I can replicate that famous painting stroke for stroke 

  40. I'm not loved 

  41. I'm alone in this 

  42. I'll never be good at anything 

  43. I'm not creative 

  44. I have bad ideas 

  45. I love to be alone