Bipolar Love

I have an extreme bipolar love for Seattle. One minute, I adore it, the next, I'm over it. Super dumb things effect my feelings for this city too! Weather is a huge factor in this love/hate relationship and hills; My gosh! I have walked MILES up and down these hilly streets and sometimes I love it, and others I HATE IT. 

As I was on one of my many exploration walks, I came to the realization that I am grateful that God doesn't love me the way I love Seattle. 
My God doesn't go back and forth on how he feels about me based on my "weather" and "hills" : attitude and (lack of) trust. 
His love is unconditional. 

I am grateful to be loved by a God who made the mountains around me and yet, is still super involved in my life and desires to love me and love me well, regardless of how I act.