The Size of Grace

As an individual, I have a gifting in Grace. I tend to offer a lot of grace to individuals and a lot of people don’t get that. Some of my peers think I am crazy to so willingly offer up forgiveness and grace, even if someone who has sinned against me is not apologetic at all. 
See, the thing is, I’m not in this game for restitution. 
Now, I am a firm believer in reconciliation, but I don’t have to have that apology to forgive and offer grace. 

The reason I feel ready and willing to forgive so much and offer grace in the way I try to do is this: “To whom much is given, much is required” 

I have been forgiven of so much! Because I have this knowledge of just how crazy of a life I have been rescued from, I can look at the world now with a different perspective.
When I take into consideration just how much my Lord and Savior has forgiven of me, offering grace to a friend over a small matter is NOTHING. It doesn’t hurt me, it costs me very little.

Jesus died to offer me grace. 
All I have to do for a friend is die to myself. 

I have been forgiven of much, so why would I withhold my tiny, tiny offering of forgiveness and grace from someone else? 

I’m not perfect, and Jesus died so that I could be forgiven when I fall short. It is my joy and honor to offer grace to and forgive those around me. 
I’m very thankful for this opportunity. Each time I do so, I am reminded of just how big the size of grace is to me - and it is beautiful!

Scout HarrellComment