Works in progress

I'm in the process of going through some counseling right now.
Even though it can be hard for me to sit there in the uncomfortable silence that seems to be waiting for me to speak out, open up and talk about things in my life, each meeting has left me with this inspiration of feeling divinely inspired to create. So far this week, I have created two canvas paintings reflecting my thoughts and feelings from this journey, and I still feel the urge to create more. I can't say for sure how many pieces I will end up creating over the next 10 weeks, and I have no idea where I will put these pieces.
Each piece has a deep meaning that runs through it, down to the mediums used. Expect detailed descriptions and photos of each piece from me soon! 

I'm learning a lot about myself lately. I am a work in progress and I am making works in progress! I can't wait to share these with you! 

Scout HarrellComment