Explore More - Dallas (September 2015)

I have some wonderful friends who will follow me anywhere around dallas and trust that I know where I am going and that something wonderful may happen. I don't always know where I am, but that often leads to new places and adventures! 

This is what we got to experience: A lego version of all the most iconic Dallas buildings, a tiny train town that had human walkways through it all so you could see all the intricate details, a costume shop (oh, how I longed to go inside!), an industrial-gothic hotel with a stunning roof-top bar, a 30 foot JFK, a tunnel full of street art, a construction site where we got interrupted by a cop mid-entrance, a bridge with a brilliant skyline view of the city all followed by a Mediterranean meal complete with table-side entertainment. 

How I adore experiencing new things each week! 

Scout HarrellComment