The Visitor - Pt. 1

My sister came into town to visit and explore this city. I FINALLY had a willing victim to pose for me while I took photos! YAY! 

This last photo is so blurry, but it's just so sweet! 

The next set of images are from a silent, slow motion protest on Capitol Hill. The individuals walking silently walked in slow motion for an hour down Broadway. It was quite the site to see as 50 people clad in white with words like "Queer" and "Still here" painted all over slowly marched on. I wish they had a spokes person telling you exactly why they were marching. I have my guesses, but I hate assuming. 

Elliot Bay Bookstore 

Thanks for the honesty. 

Okay... WOW

Okay... WOW

Fourth of July! Back in Texas, I used to do breakfast parties with a group of my friends on every holiday expect Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here in Seattle, I wanted to do the same to celebrate breakfast (my favorite meal) and my new friends! 
17 people ended up coming by to enjoy a meal with us on that patriotic morning! I'm so thankful for the freedom we have in this country! 

Mixing things up the AR style. 

The most important mug below:

The rest of the 4th looked like the two Harrell sisters taking walks and exploring Alki Beach and West Seattle, as well as doing a tour of the market when it felt like a ghost town. YALL. If you wan the public market experience without the crowds, go on a holiday evening! It was DEAD and pretty much our private playground. 

Just wanted to point out that these photos are from July 4th and we are wearing coats. It was FREEZING. With wind-chill, it was in the lower 50s outside! YIKES! 

My visitor series has too many photos, so I am splitting it into parts now! Look for Part 2 coming soon. 

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