Things I Liked That I Took a Photo of This Week

Here are some seemingly mundane things I loved this week that brought me joy. 

Phone shot 

Phone shot 

This was my bed one morning after I dumped out a small makeup bag. Just Chapstick and chocolate (Easter spoils!).
 I really loved how all the colors looked, so I snapped this photo with my phone. 

Another phone shot 

Another phone shot 

I loved how this cat balanced the balloons on the other side of the dumpster. I think this photo is beautiful. 

I pulled over on the side of the road to take a photo of a rainbow. I turned around at one point and ended up liking this image much better than the rainbow.

Cupcakes in decorating progress at work. A very fun process to watch.

I photograph the cakes at work once they are done.
It's been really, really good practice for me.
I've learned the camera I am currently borrowing pretty well through this. 

This is actually a photo from October that I finally took the time to lighten a bit this week and it got me thinking about the weekend that this was snapped.

This is my best friend Nigel.
Nigel currently is in Canada serving on his Mission and I can only communicate with him via email. 
I miss him dearly. 
I can't call him anymore. 
He also has not replied to my emails in more than two months. That's really hard to deal with. 

I love how unashamedly happy I am in this photo. 

The weekend that this photo was from was not at all what I had planned. I felt bad during it, felt pulled in different directions and I let some people down. 

I sang the entire way home on a long drive to keep myself awake.
A friend of mine sat on the phone keeping me company and listening to me sing. I got a letter out of it which is nice. It's hanging on my wall with all the other letters I've gotten this year. 

I had a bunch of sparklers that I took from my friend Jon Allen once. I found them and decided to light them ALL.
It was brilliantly beautiful. 

My sister took this.
I really love dancing. 
I stand out (unintentionally) at country dancing halls.
Might be the way I dress. 
Might be the blue hair.
Could be the red keds. 
I'm really okay with that, though. 

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