My Weekend in Photos - Deep Ellum & Photographer Friends

I'm not one for words lately. Probably because I have this huge long letter to announce my huge move that I have to write so I'm saving up for that. 

The simple details of this weekend: Deep Ellum, hang outs with new friends, and meeting strangers who were super cool. 

This coffee house had drawing paper covered tables with a jar of crayons at each place. How marvelous! I could doodle to my hearts content and still keep a conversation going! 

That blue paper is the list of all the places the barista thinks I need to visit and try out. He was such a sweetheart! He ask L and myself if we were out exploring and I said yes, and he then proceeded to go down a list of places he likes to see if I had been there yet. 
"Bishop Arts?" Yes. "Emporium Pies?" You know it. "Thanksgiving Square!" Just came from there. Want to see my photos? "Perot" I practically live there, sir. "Klyde Warren? Greenville for Mudsmith? Mocking Bird Station? START? Grilled Cheese co? Davis Street? Houndstooth? Motor Sisters?" Yes. All of them. 
He then proceeded to figure out places I haven't been and wrote them all down for me. 
"It's MY hidden Dallas list!" 
What a kind soul he was! 

I can't ever pass up the chance for GLAZED!!!

I can't ever pass up the chance for GLAZED!!!

This guy. He asked for directions to this wall, exactly where L and I were headed next, so I invited him to follow us and started asking him question like Who are you? What are your hobbies?  What are your favorite things to take photos of? Turns out, he is from someplace rather close to where I live. His dream is architectural photography and real estate photography. I love that so many people with cameras can have so many varied passions for using their skills! 

Okay friends. A week ago or so, I posted a photo of a wall with my best friend A in front of it. Well, ONE WEEK LATER I go back, and the wall has already changed! It grew and now has more beauty and detail on it! I LOVE THAT SO MUCH I AM SCREAMING AS I TYPE THIS. 
I love moving, changing and breathing art! AHHHHHHHHHHH


One week later: 

HELLO BOYS AND FLOWERS HELLO! Welcome! (Boys and flowers make or break the party, my friends)