Travel On

I am blessed beyond belief to have many opportunities to travel! Not just from city-to-city and state-to-state, but to other countries! 

Just four months after returning from my mission trip in France, I will be boarding a plane headed on another mission trip: this time to Brazil. One major difference? I'm going with a team of people that I won't get to meet or know before I get on that plane!

I am SO excited and TOTALLY terrified. 

A mission trip again, Scout? Yes. Again. Another country, same mission. 
Why Brazil? You know what? Great question! 

I'm quite fond of the arts, but I am first, and foremost fond of people. I'm all about community, meeting new people and experiencing new things and making memories with others.
This trip will be focused in Rio De Janeiro and in Macaé (about three hours outside of Rio De Janeiro). I'll be joining the Paradox Church team as we partner with an organization called Restore Brazil ( Our team will be partnering with local churches and ministering to drug addicts and the homeless. We will also have the chance to hang with and get to know kiddos who's parents are involved in the drug trade. This is a beautiful opportunity to experience a new perspective of how the Lord moves and works not only here, where we can see it, but also overseas! The Lord is good, and He is faithful, always and forever! I am excited to have another opportunity to get to spend time experiencing another glimpse of what heaven will be like!  

The trip will be March 10th-20th, and I am asking for your support both in prayer and financially as I get ready to head to South America. The estimated cost for this trip is $2,800. (A number I can't even fathom right now.) It's no small cost, but I am confident that the Lord will provide for this!

I have to be perfectly honest: putting out this request so soon after fundraising for Paris is very difficult for me. About a month ago, I received anonymous texts messages telling me that I am "constantly posting on Facebook,"  and begging people to give me money. They said that it's uncomfortable for them and that they think I'm "unprofessional as an artist (as [I] claim to be)." They went on to say I'm rude, and that I don't think about how others have jobs and have to make ends meet. That I should just "get a job so [I] don't have to ask for help anymore."

I'd be lying if I said those texts didn't bother me. I wanted to brush it off, but I didn't. 

I could come up with a defense for everything they said to me. But I won't. I don't need to defend this, myself or my art. 

All I can do is let you know what is going on in my life and be perfectly honest about what that entails for me and my art. 

If you would like to contribute, you can do so on my Go Fund me here:
Everything makes a huge impact, be it $5, $10, $20! 

I am so thankful for you, I am grateful you are taking the time to read my words and follow along with my crazy, adventure-filled and unpredictable life! 
It's been quite the ride these last 23 years of life, and I am so blessed to be supported by you!