Art Conspiracy 12

Art Conspiracy is an Art Non-Profit that raises money to donate to smaller, lesser known art non-profits that do good for the city of Dallas, Texas. 

Once a year, Art Conspiracy hosts Art Con (followed by a number) and invites 150 Dallas creatives to come together in a warehouse within a 24 hour period and create an all new, original piece of art on the 18x18 canvas they provide you. This year, my brother and I were chosen as two of the 150. 

I don't even remember signing up to be eligible to be picked as an artist. But I did at one point in my life. One Tuesday, whilst on my lunch break, I was scrolling through emails and saw one from Art Conspiracy with the subject line "CONGRATULATIONS" 

My stomach dropped and my blood went cold. I'm in Seattle. The event is in DALLAS.


After three minutes of deep thought and contemplation, I knew I had to get myself home to Dallas to participate in this event. I just HAD to! 
Then, I proceeded to tell everyone at work, my family and my bffs what a privilege this was and I was SO EXCITED! 

Immediately, I asked my brother if he too was chosen. More recently that I applied, I had him apply to be in the running as well. He informed me that he checked his email, and no. He was not selected. I was sad for a bit, but then I moved on. 

That Saturday, after ArtCon contacted all 150 via email, they made their official announcement and press release naming their 2016 Art Conspiracy Artists. 

This list was in alphabetical order like this: 

  • Scout Harrell
  • Sean Springer
  • Shamsy Roomani
  • Shana Martin
  • Shane Ray
  • Shanna Conde
  • Shoby Modjarrad
  • Sierra Sintic
  • Sonia Lopez
  • Stephanie Fudge
  • Steven Barker
  • Story Harrell
  • Sully Ridout

I see my name, and keep reading to see if any other artist friends or people I admire were on the list... and see

Story Harrell? 

Wait. No. He said he didn't get picked? 


Is Story home? 

No... he is at work. 



Sugar Bee Sweets, this is Story, how may I help you? 


He was selected. 

That kid, he is like no other. But we figured it out and yes indeed, he TOO was selected as one of the 150! 

From that point on, I basically lost my mind when it came to just how amazing and exciting this opportunity was! And the fact that it was BOTH of us?? EVEN BETTER! 

I've long since adored and admired siblings in the same field of work: Venus and Serena, those dancers, Julianne and Derek, Tegan and Sara, Beyonce and Solange, Willow and Jaden...heck, even the K sisters (You know who). I was beyond thrilled that this was basically our introduction into the art world as sibling artists! 

Creation Day 

November 5th, 2016 

I had flown into Texas at 5am the day before. Story and I ran a few errands to get ready for creation day and I successfully didn't stay out until 2am keeping myself awake for more than 40 hours like I normally do when I visit Texas. 

The most realistic and accurate depiction of the two of us. 

The most realistic and accurate depiction of the two of us. 

The doors opened at 8am for the 24 hour period, but what artist actually wants to be there at 8am? 

Upon arrival, they check you in, hand you your standardized wooden panel and feed you. Then, it's off to work you go! 

During the creation period, I got up and walked around a few times to give my piece time to dry between paint coats and when my butt hurt too much from sitting for so long. 
The artists around me were blowing my mind with their talents and abilities! One guy was a welder and brought a portable (eh, sort of portable) welding work station, another artist duo had a spray paint kit, and yet another artist group (possibly a school?) had a resin piece they were mixing, pouring and heating. 

About four hours into the day, I took a walk around the warehouse. The warehouse was split down the middle with a half wall, so unless you walked around the wall, you couldn't see half of the space. I took a gander around the other side and eyed what masterpieces were in creation. As I meandered on, I noticed a black and white piece that was very stylized with it's depiction of a cactus and skulls... 

...Wait a second...

I bolted. 

I'm all but screaming in the other room at Story's very confused face. Next thing I know, I'm on Instagram looking for WHERON proving he is here in the flesh - and there it is. Yep, he posted a photo of his blank Art Con canvas two hours ago.

Will Heron is a master. 
For those of you in Texas, you might have seen Wheron's work around and not known it was him. He's painted murals on Local Press and Brew, In Oak Cliff and at Motor Sisters (FW-Famous Melt's sister ice cream shop).
He specializes in a very stylized, two color palette that always features skulls and cactus. Will also chooses to never post images with his face. Much like Sia, he prefers his art to identify who he is, not his looks. I felt like I caught Santa when I saw him and what he looks like in real life. 

After completely losing it over Will being here, I calmed down and continued to work... that is until


Let's take a moment to talk about my undying love for Jay Wilkinson. 


I am IN LOVE with Jay. 
I've met Jay. You might remember me freaking out about it on my post here. Or, if you have ever talked with me about art, somehow, I always manage to toss in my love for Jay. I'm borderline obsessed.

Moving on. Jay rolls up and I about lose it yet again. 

Jay sets up his work station right behind my easel and I am thrilled. I can pretend to paint and just stare at him! YAY!!! 

The blue at the edge of this image is my canvas. Yep. I was set up in such a way that I could look at Jay with ease. 

The blue at the edge of this image is my canvas. Yep. I was set up in such a way that I could look at Jay with ease. 

I am absolutely a creeper. I'm sure it's fine. 

It took me a total of 6 hours to complete my piece. Story took 7 hours to do his. 

Upon completion, you head over to get processed and checked out. They photograph you and the piece, and then you fill out forms and stuff for the website and the app. 

P.S. You can look at photos of my entire creation process HERE

All in all, what I took from this whole event is the thought that I CAN sit down and accomplish something like a painting for 6 hours and complete it. That was a big deal to learn about myself! 

I was back in Seattle when the gallery event happened, but my lovely family attended and sent me photos! 

What's next for Story and Scout? Will we get to do ArtCon13? 
No idea, and maybe? ArtCon re-selects artist each year, so we might make it again next year, we might not, or one of us makes it and the other doesn't... we don't know.

It's all VERY exciting though!