Ice Cream

I'm a little bit obsessed with ice cream. 

So much so, that while in France, I constantly was excited to see what I thought was people carrying ice cream cones - but, to my disappointment, always turned out to be crepes. 

I follow a lot of food accounts on Instagram, mostly because I like the idea that maybe one day, I can go visit all these places and try all these dishes. Sometimes, a dish will pop up on my news feed that is specific to the area I am living in, like this one time in particular! A photo of Thai rolled ice cream appeared as I was scrolling one weekend followed by the announcement that a very limited pop-up shop was rolling out this ice cream for the next two days. I had to go. 

The pop-up ice cream shop was put on by some YouTube stars. 
I have no idea who they were (or are), I was just there for the ice cream. 

The beautiful thing about spending so much time alone in Seattle is that I can take whatever time out of my day to stand in line for seemingly dumb things like rolled ice cream and no one can get annoyed, impatient or grouchy. My time is mine to do with as I please with little to no inconvenience for others. 

The process of this treat was pretty neat to watch: 

First, they started with ice cream in liquid format and ladled it onto the flat surface. 
Like a crepe, they smoothed out the liquid into a sheet
The ice cream started freezing, and they used the spatula to start rolling

Forgive me for filming in portrait the first time... my bad

So how did it taste? 

Not that great actually. But, it was such fun watching them roll the ice cream and getting as excited as I did about the treat helped too. 

Also, that was WAY too much ice cream for one human to eat. I ate maybe half of it and hated myself a little - SOOOOOO sweet!!!