Creative Process

I recently create a piece that resinated with many of you. Thank you for all your kind words, for sharing your own stories of how this piece impacted you! It was good for me to hear, and also quite encouraging to know that I can be vulnerable and honest in my work, and it will touch many. 

The time it took me to create that piece totaled to about a month - SO LONG! But, that is part of the drawback when one chooses to use oil paints so thickly for the medium. 

I've always loved when artists take the time to show and share their creative process, so I wanted to do the same and invite others into the process of my creating! 

This is Allen, one of my housemates. He loves to paint when I am painting. I love to paint when he is painting. It's a good combination for us both. We inspire each other. 

And the final piece looks like this: 


The original piece has sold, but, I have prints ready for you in my shop!