This photo captures a fleeting moment in time: a beautiful moment. A truly happy moment. 
All that is left from that experience is this photo. 

Things have changed since this was taken. Friends have left me, words have been said that hurt, healed, or helped. I'm not as happy now as I was in that photo. 

But I am free. 

I am as free now as I was then. No matter what happens in life, I can't lose that freedom. 

Time has this sense of beauty that cannot be explained. Each moment happens only once.
I'll never look in the mirror and see the same girl I saw yesterday. Today, I am older, smarter, bolder, sadder. I'll never relive the same pure joy and happiness I had with my friends twice. Each moment is raw in its time. 

I will not be able to capture each moment I live in a snapshot like this one, but I do treasure the memories I make, the happiness I felt, and the love I shared, documented by a snapshot or not.  

Scout HarrellComment