A Letter for L & A

This is a letter for two of my good friends written a few weeks back. I thought I might share this. I poured my true feelings out when writing this. It meant a lot to me then. It means a lot to me even still. 

L & A, 

I never wanted to do this without you. I just wanted to be clear on that. 

My dreams last year included creating with both of you, in the same country, following through and completing something that together we could all be proud of.
I keep wishing somehow you could both be here to lend a hand and to enjoy all that the Lord is miraculously pulling together. I wish we could get to do something together that we could all be proud of and get to share this memory in years to come. 

But, that cannot and will not happen. 

No matter what I does come of this, please know it was never my intention to do this without you. I never wanted to do this alone. 

I also want you to know I am ridiculously proud of the friendship we created last summer. I am proud of the memories made! I am in the best place I have ever been thanks to your impact on my life last summer.
My heart aches for you, continuously wishing you both were here beside me.... 

I look forward to the day when we are all united again, it may not be on this earth, but I know it will happen again

Scout HarrellComment