I *heart* Ice Cream

In preparation of my rare, four day weekend over Christmas, I had planned out all these massive adventures I wanted to take and places I wanted to explore. 

That didn't happen. 

But, I did make it over to the recently opened Motor Sisters Ice Cream shop! 
This Dallas sister-shop to Ice Cream favorite Melt in Fort Worth offers tricked out soft serve cones, shakes and sundaes all named for empowering/badass women. 
(Ironically, a male served up my Amelia Earhart cone. Whatever.)

It was about 75 degrees and wicked humid when we stopped by for a cone. Oddly perfect weather for ice cream outside for December. But this is Texas, so anything goes. 
Our cones were so loaded down, they were served in a dish with a spoon and a plethora of napkins. They should also consider serving up these cones with a "good luck" as well. It takes a lot to do some serious damage to these cones! 

No matter the temperature, I would tell you to get thy butt over to the Truck Yard in Dallas and get some fantastic ice cream from Motor Sisters!