Six Points Intersection Design Contest

Guess what? I've got something BIG hitting the streets of Fort Worth come 2018! 

LITERALLY hitting the streets. 

District 9 in Fort Worth hosted the first-ever, public intersection design contest - and I won. 



Okay. Same. I feel the exact same way. 

 I entered the contest to see if I could fulfill all the crazy rules involved. 
The city wanted designs that reflected the community and artistic nature of the neighborhood. 
Rules listed informed contestants that no harsh edges or connecting lines or corners should be used. A color pallet reminiscent of baby's barf was given for contestants to design with, and many warnings that the "use of more than three colors" could determine if the design would even make it past the initial check of "does this design even work in pavement?" 

With more rules than a public pool, I felt that this was a nearly impossible challenge and just knew I wanted to see if it was even possible to do a remotely creative design with the harsh guidelines. 

I ended up with a sun with a swirl in the center.

My design was inspired by Mexican sun folk art. The Riverside area is predominately hispanic and I knew that the locals could identify with the sun aspect. The swirl was used simply to break up the colors a bit as I thought it felt boring. 

I entered my design on the last day of the contest. 

Thank you again for your entry in the Six Points Intersection Design Contest! We are proud and honored to have received 32 submissions from our neighbors throughout our city.


All submissions have been randomly numbered and will be shared, without identifying information, with a selection panel on Tuesday, April 25. Submissions will be narrowed down by the panel to no more than six finalists.


The entrants whose designs are chosen as finalists will be notified of their selection no later than 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 26 by email and phone.


The winning design will then be determined by popular vote on the Six Points Urban Village website. Voting will begin on noon Thursday, April 27, and close at 5 p.m. Friday, May 8.

One week later, this email arrived in my inbox 



The Six Points Intersection Design Selection Committee met last night and after a period of careful deliberation, selected your entry as one of four semi-finalists. The committee was very impressed with the combined talents of the 32 entries we received and is very proud to extend our sincere congratulations to you for advancing to the next round!


As a reminder, all four finalists will be featured on the Six Points webpage for online voting to begin on noon Thursday, April 27, and close at 5 p.m. Friday, May 8. The winner will be notified by 5 p.m. Friday, May 15.



Thank you again for being a part of this exciting opportunity.


Then, a week later: 


We are proud to share with you that more than 6,000 online votes were cast during this unique artist competition and we are now ready to announce the 1st Place Winner during next week’s City Council Meeting. Please make plans to join us 

All four semi-finalists will be publicly recognized and the 1st place winner announced during the “Citizen Recognition” portion of the City Council meeting by Council member Ann Zadeh. 

Friends, I attended the City Council meeting and sat for FOREVER while different awards and recognitions for so many events where given. It was a pretty boring night. 

Then, they announced that it was time to talk about the intersection contest. 

They showed each of the designs entered and then announced that Scout Harrell received 45% of the votes and therefore won the contest!

I am so blessed! 

The Riverside Arts District is where I am planning on committing my life. I hope to move there within the year, and am already active in the area and on Race Street. I am so thankful to have my design etched into part of the neighborhood! I dream of working in the area and helping the area embrace it's heritage and creative nature, as well as spread the glory of God throughout the neighborhood. 

My sweet friends, you helped make this a reality for me! You constantly amaze me with your love and support, I am thankful to know you all, and hope to continue bringing you along on my life journey. 

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