Artist Statement - A Work In Progress

This is my first attempt at writing an artist statement. What do you think? 
Have you ever written and artist statement? What does your include? 

Stories have long been one of my favorite things people share with one another. It is so easy to get totally enraptured in a great story; it can take your imagination to new places and cause you to think through situations in a new light. I create art to tell stories. Using whatever art medium is necessary to tell the story in the best way possible, I will give every ingredient a specific meaning in my paintings, create installations that cause you to think, interact and be vulnerable, and use photography to inspire questions for your to ponder. Art can be so much more than just beautiful: Art changes culture, moods and lives.
 I long to aid in cultivating a culture that doesn't just consume, but takes time to pour out into others. I was created to create, and I want to create with joy, gladness and reckless abandon.