Pick your Medium

I have an issue with people who want for me, as an artist, to pick a medium. 

I can't do that! I like everything I do - and I'm pretty okay at everything too - so I want to pick it all! Or rather, I want to not have pick just one! 

I think a some artists specialize at one thing, similar to how a talented cake artist typically doesn't decide to be a lawyer the next day and move mediums. It take time, practice and sheer skill to get good at something, I get that. 

But, what about those artists who are actually stupid good at figure drawing, but have somehow stuck with one form of abstract painting and are now just an abstract artist cause that is what pays the bills? Ever go to a coffee shop that is featuring an artist on their walls and see 8 variations of the exact same thing? Does that bother anyone else but me? I'm over here thinking "man, this is cool, but what ELSE can they do beside the same water color dribble I have seen in 8 different colors...?" 
Anyone else think this? 

Do I have to give up some things I enjoy art-wise to get really good at ONE thing? I don't want to do that! I want to be the best at EVERYTHING! Heck, I introduce myself as "the third best at everything." I'd take being third best in all my art forms in a heart beat! 

Does anyone else have this problem? 

Scout HarrellComment