Support Seattle - Everything I Currently Know About What I'll be Doing in Seattle

Hello Friends, Family and wonderful supporters of all my artistic endeavors!
 I wanted to let you know about my latest art adventure! 

I am in the process of packing up my life and relocating to Seattle, WA for the next 6 months (However, my time there could be extended past 6 months)! 

My flight takes off from DFW on May 13th - so this adventure is speedily approaching! 

What am I going to Seattle for? Glad you are curious! 
I have a very clear vision of what I would like to do with my life and the talents The Lord has gifted me with. This vision looks like an art center in the city of Fort Worth serving artists in the community and serving the city through those artists. I love to think about it as a home or as a safe place for creatives! 
Seattle hosts Artist Reformation - a nonprofit organization that has an Art Residency program with similar themes, goals and ideas for their city like I do for my city, Fort Worth! I am heading out there to do two things: 
1) participate as a resident in the Art Residency Program
2) intern with Ruben Perez, director of operations, so I can get an immersion, hands-on experience on how their program runs!

Ruben has been kind enough to invite me out to Seattle to experience and learn first hand how Artist Reformation breathes, works and runs in all aspects, both residency and operations! I cannot fully express just how helpful this will be for me! The chance to see how things work or maybe don’t work, how people in the city react to what is going on... it’s priceless information that I can use to jump start on launching my own program back home when I return! 

Through the internship, I will have the opportunity to travel the West Coast (something I have never done!) as I work on some projects with various artists in the Pacific North West as well as have the chance to go to France for a film festival that AR has a film in! Holy Cow! Adventure is out there! 

In Art Residency, I will participate in several collaborative art projects, contribute my writings to the AR blog, write for a book published by AR and routinely help host galleries in the AR house - something I am familiar with! Yay! 

I would appreciate your love, support and prayers over me, AR, and all that I am doing while I am in Seattle! I know this will be so much fun and I will love learning, but it will also be one of the hardest things I have ever done! 

While I am in Seattle, I will have to get a part-time job as the internship is unpaid and residency requires rent payments. However, the more time I have to spend at a job that is not related to AR or the residency, the less time I will have to learn all I can in the short time I am there! My hope has been to save and fundraise as much as possible so that I can maximize my time out there and not be stressed over getting enough hours at a job to cover things like rent, utilities and groceries while still trying to soak in ALL the infoand experience I can! 

If you are willing to support me financially, I would greatly appreciate that! 
You can visit and select donate. From there, a new page will open and you can select in the drop down “Support Scout Harrell.” This will go directly toward my time there and my rent! YAY! 

As Artist Reformation is a nonprofit organization, any donations made will be Tax deductible - Score! Or, if you don’t wish to donate through AR and wish to give directly to me, you may use PayPal: PayPal.Me/ScoutHarrell

If you wish, send me your mailing address and I promise to mail wonderful surprises from Seattle to you! 

I also blog, and you will be able to keep up with Seattle-specific adventures here: 

Thank you so much for all your love and support for me over the years through all the plays, musicals, two art galleries and now this! It has been an amazing journey for me and I am thankful for your support all this time!

With love, sincerity and all that I have to offer, 
Scout Harrell