My Weekend in Photos - IM BEHIND FORGIVE ME

My weeks and weekends are running together. 
I don't think I eat regularly...but I don't remember. 
I'm quite tired often, if I sit still long enough, I fall asleep. My mother was driving me one night to a gala event and I kept falling asleep as that was the first time in WEEKS that I had truly sat in one place for so long. 

I am tired. But I am so, so very happy. 

I am blessed with much. Many adventures, many friendships, many examples of how much God loves me and wants to make me more like him. It is a season of growing and it is very exciting! 

Anyway, with all of this hectic lifestyle I've been living, I have not kept up with my photos. I apologize. 

This is Dallas with Joseph and Audra. At one point, we ended up on a rooftop where we were a little pressed for time and hoping to not get escorted out by security.
We hit up Deep Ellum, Nasher Sculpture Center, the DMA, Glazed donuts (I'm OBSESSED), and new shop Drugstore Cowboy and ended with bucket list pick for me, Taco Stand in the Design District! YAY TACOS! 

So for that rooftop view, we went to a specific location in hopes of finding this very spot and the one door we knew of was barred off and had and alarm hooked up to it. Not ready to admit defeat, we tried two floors above and two below. In one last mournful look at the alarmed door dividing us from the lovely view, I spotted a door halfway peeking out from what could only be a stairwell. We RAN down the to the floor below where this door might be and found ourselves in a stairwell that went up one flight to a boarded off doorway. In yet another round of defeat, I announced, "well, I think that was our entrance" and we began to retreat when I noticed something: the stairs turned at the last second by the boarded up doorway. I said "...or that's it" and Audra leapt up the remaining stairs to try the unalarmed door and it was UNLOCKED. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW. 
Victory was so sweet. 

Dallas got me like: