Art Goggle - Fall '15

Every so often, Magnolia Street in Fort Worth closes down to vehicles and is transformed into a huge art exhibition: Art Goggle.
Businesses fill their spaces with different artists works, street performers break out into song or dance and everywhere you walk, you will hear live music as you browse the street filled with every art medium and every type of vendor, Including my friend David Brown of Brown Wood Craft.  
At last years Art Goggle, I spent 7 full hours looking over every painting and art piece, trying new foods and watching 6 short films not once, but twice each. 
This year, I had a limited time of just 4.5 hours to visit all the event had to offer. I was ever so determined to catch as much as I could!
I am not always the best at cellphone documentation, but here is what caught my eye enough to get captured! 

If you have never been to Art Goggle and leave in or near Ft Worth, CALL ME AND WE WILL GET THAT FIXED OKAY