Artist CV


Scout Walker

Stories have long been one of my favorite things people share with one another. It is so easy to get totally enraptured in a great story; it can take your imagination to new places and cause you to think through situations in a new light. I create art to tell stories. Using whatever art medium is necessary to tell the story in the best way possible, I will give every ingredient a specific meaning in my paintings, create installations that cause you to think, interact and be vulnerable, and use photography to inspire questions for you to ponder. Art can be so much more than just beautiful: Art changes culture, moods and lives.

 I long to aid in cultivating a culture that doesn't just consume, but takes time to pour out into others. I was created to create, and I want to create with joy, gladness and reckless abandon. 


E X H I B I T I O N S 


Luciernaga - 2
Fort Worth Blackhouse

Event design, installations
December 2018, Fort Worth, TX

Six Points Intersection Design
Riverside Arts District

Pavement design

2017, Fort Worth, TX

First Come, First Serve
Fort Works Art

Selected piece exhibition in group gallery
Spring 2018, Fort Worth, TX

Not Alone 
A Night of R.E.S.T.


2016, Bellevue, WA

Redemption 1 of 10

Group Exhibition

2016, Fort Worth, TX


Luciernaga -1
Fort Worth Blackhouse

Event detail design, installation
October 2018, Fort Worth, TX

People Of Paris
Bastille/ District-12 Paris

Interactive Installation

2016, Paris, France

REAL • Not Perfect

Photo series

2015, Fort Worth, TX


Good Bones - ArtLuck

Painting, Ganado Cráneo en Cuero

2017, Fort Worth, TX

Madame Muertos
Art Conspiracy 12

Group Exhibition

2016, Dallas, TX 

REAL • Not Perfect

Interactive Installation,

2015, Fort Worth, TX  

E D U C A T I O N 

A r t i s t  I n  R e s i d e n c e 

Artist Reformation, Seattle WA May 2016-March 2017

Assisted Director of Operations, designed and implemented events, curated gallery events, written and verbal communication with artists, businesses and volunteers, budget updating and management, assisted house manager, organized weekly check-ins with program manager, project managed tasks with team members in four different states.

P o t t e r y  N o r t h w e s t  

Pottery Northwest, Seattle WA January 2017-March 2017 Winter Quarter

Received scholarship from the school to attend and study during the winter quarter. Participated in group instruction, fulfilled required minimum hours outside of class, presented in group exhibition, completed instructional time. 


C U R A T O R I A L 

Riverside Arts District - Fort Worth, TX • March 2016

Curated and coordinated a thematically unified art gallery.
Riverside Arts District - Fort Worth, TX • Aug 2015

Conceptualized, curated and coordinated a collaborative gallery event

F I L M 

Directed by James Starlin
Seattle, WA

SOME? 2016
Directed by Kevin Owyang
Seattle, WA